Friday, December 23, 2011


Alhamdulillaah... I've been using miswak or siwak since bulan tiga this year kali. And I rarely use a toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean my tooth ever since then. Except bila siwak atu hilang and so on.

And last week, I went to the hospital to have a checkup for my tooth. I usually go to the dentist once or two times in a year. And the doctor only recommended me to use a dental floss since using a toothbrush wouldn't clean the specific area that he mentioned. And he didn't know that I've been using a miswak since March 2011.

Yakinlah dan yakinlah dan yakinlah dengan hadits dan sunnah Rosulullah SAW. Sebelum Rosul SAW wafat, ia mau bersiwak. Dan ada hadits yang said that 70 kali ganda pahala solat for those who are bersiwak before solat. Jangan ambil ringan sunnah-sunnah yang nampak 'kecil' ani. Amalan besar boleh rosak bila niat tak betul. Amalan kecil boleh juga jadi besar bila ada niat yang betul, keikhlasan, kesungguhan and so on.

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