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The WOW Factor

Reading suroh Al-A'rof again about the part pasal prophet Musa 'alaihissalaam, Fir'aun, the wizards and the witches. I think muka surat 165 kali cerita pasal ani (malas kan buka lagi page brapa for now).

Dalam masa skajap saja, after seeing kebenaran dari nabi Musa, durang tarus sujud... (-_-) Ohh well...

Bah ok lah ku copy paste cerita pasal ani, hehe...

"(7:112) to summon every skilful magician to your presence.'89 (7:113) And the magicians came to Pharaoh and said: 'Shall we have a reward if we win?' (7:114) Pharaoh replied: 'Certainly, and you shall be among those who are near to me.' (7:115) Then they said: '0 Moses, will you [first] throw your rod, or shall we throw?'(7:116) Moses said: 'You throw.' So when they threw [their rods], they enchanted the eyes of the people, and struck them with awe, and produced a mighty sorcery. (7:117) Then We directed Moses: 'Now you throw your rod.' And lo! it swallowed up all their false devices.90 (7:118) Thus was the truth established, and their doings proved in vain. (7:119) Pharaoh and his men were defeated and put to shame, (7:120) and the magicians flung themselves prostrate, (7:121) saying: 'We believe in the Lord of the universe, (7:122) the Lord of Moses and Aaron.'91 (7:123) Pharaoh said: 'What! Do you believe before you have my permission? Surely this is a plot you have contrived to drive out the rulers from the capital. So you shall see, (7:124) I shall cut off your hands and feet on the opposite sides, and then crucify you all.' (7:125) They replied: 'We shall surely return to our Lord. (7:126) Will you punish us just because we believed in the signs of our Lord when they came to us? Our Lord! Shower us with perseverance and cause us to die as those who have submitted [to You].'92"

Taken from:

The ahli sihir inda blajar ugama bertahun-tahun, nda solat, durang kana janjikan rewards bila durang kalahkan mukjizat nabi Musa, and so on. And yet, durang tarus sujud dan mengatakan mereka beriman kepada tuhan nabi Musa dan Harun selepas WOW dengan kebenaran mukjizat nabi Musa. Durang kana bagi ancaman oleh Fir'aun lapas atu dengan ancaman kana putung kaki dan tangan. And durang nda takut. WOW! Nda perlu zikir lama-lama supaya tani nda takut arah penjahat.

Tani perlukan something yang 'WOW' bila tani mau jadi macam durang ani. Dalam masa yang skajap saja durang tarus beriman. And berubah. Padahal durang ani macam the best of the best ahli sihir Fir'aun summoned dari seluruh wilayah yang dikuasai Fir'aun.

Semoga tani selalu dianugerahkan the WOW factor macam durang ani. Aamiin...

"Robbanaa aprigh 'alainaa sobraww watawaffanaa muslimiin..." - Suroh Al-A'rof, ayat 126 (Do'a durang lapas durang beriman)


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